CertTrack is the premier way to manage certificates of insurance online. The cloud based solution allows brokers and risk managers to request, sort, track and approve certificates.  This gives an organization the necessary assurance that each vendor they contract with maintains the insurance required in the vendor contract.

Managing contingent liability is one of the hottest emerging issues in every industry.  Incorrectly assuming a vendor maintains adequate insurance can lead to millions of dollars in liability falling back onto your organization.  If your firm needs confidence that risk is well managed and properly transferred, your firm needs CertTrack.  Don’t fall behind your competitors, contact us today to get up and running on the most advanced system available.

Our product is positioned as a basic, affordable infrastructure that can be customized to meet the needs of any organization. Included in each new client contract is the ability to add fields and track data points that matter to your firm.  We understand that fitting your organization into a system can hinder that system’s usefulness.  Instead, CertTrack is flexible enough to fit into your organization.

As your firm grows, CertTrack can grow with it.  Adding vendors is a snap.  Requesting insurance certificates is a breeze.  With our proprietary SaaS model, you will never again wonder whether your vendor contingent liability is being managed.

Don’t overpay for the bloated, legacy products provided by some companies.  CertTrack requires no hardware to purchase, no software to download, and all your calls go directly to our Chicago office where licensed and credentialed insurance professional take your calls.

Contact CertTrack today for a no obligation quote on how you can save your organization money while reducing the workload required to manage risk.